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Insurance Services 

We handle Claims Services for Insurance companies, Self Insured corporations and Third Party Administrators. Insurance fraud is in our hard economic times is on the rise. We handle all of your claims investigations to determine legitimate losses and combat fraud.

The staff of A Plus Investigations have years of experience of fighting insurance fraud and claims investigation for Workers Compensation, disability, and general liability investigative cases.

Insurance Investigative Services:

Workers Compensation Investigations
Witnesses interviews and statements recorded or written
International Insurance Investigations
Death Claim Verification
Auto Insurance Underwriting
Insurance Agency Investigations


With insurance companies losing billions of dollars, insurance investigations are more in demand now then ever before. We specialize in insurance investigations and assist insurance companies to identify fraudulent activities or claims. Our experience is built of the services we provide to some of the largest insurance companies across the world. Our team of investigators work along with the legal teams in companies and claims departments to protect and avoid people who take advantage of insurance offerings.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

At A Plus Investigations we investigate insurance claims to determine if an employee is exaggerating or is completely fraudulent in his or her injuries, has another alternative job or unreported income. Our team of highly skilled investigators work closely with companies conducting insurance claims investigations. We adopt many investigation methods to assist insurance companies lower their exposure to fraudulent acts of the claimants.

During the course of an insurance investigation our team collects written testimonies, interrogates witnesses, takes photographs and if needed audio recordings of interviews.
We have been a key part in the recapitulation of funds from fraudulent activities in the millions of dollars for our clients.

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