Free Consultation

Call Us at 1-718-607-5825 to set up a Free Initial Consultation

Call Us at 1-718-607-5825 to set up a

Free Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Call Us Today To Make An Appointment At A Convenient Location Near You. 

We will even meet you at a predetermined location near you.

The first interview is with one of our Case Directors. We listen to your explanation of the problem and then advise you if your situation would benefit from an investigation.

If your case merits an investigation, the Case Director will give you an approximation of the cost, how much retainer will be necessary for work to start, and a realistic estimate as to the results that can be obtained. Every case is different. The retainer amount will vary with the complexity and estimated work of the case. The typical "retainer" amount will range from $800 to $30,000.

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