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Discreet  sweeps of the home, office, hotel rooms, dressing rooms, and  conference rooms can be done quickly and efficiently.

When  a wireless item is discovered, we alert you to it’s location and your instructions on how to proceed. The equipment we use will find most wired Wireless Bugs/Cameras and we help put peace of mind back in your life.

The state of the art Detectors we use can detect frequencies anywhere from 50 MHz to  3 GHz, picking up most wireless cameras. Advanced circuitry  eliminates background noise, minimizing false alarms.

Our R.F. Detector was developed by our engineers to protect your information by alerting to the presence of a  tape recorder or R.F. bugging device. In addition, we have equipment to detect wireless microphones, cameras in your home or office, recorder detection, debugging of telephones, transmitters, telephone/room bugs and tracking devices can also be detected.

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