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We are Relationship Evidence Experts .

Is He/She Cheating? Is your mate involved in a extramarital affair? Is your Husband/Wife committing adultery?  All of these questions are hard to ask yourself, but if you have that gut feeling and need to know the truth then it is time to hire a professional. It's not easy to admit that your spouse is having an extramarital affair.


Are you having trouble in your relationship? Has your spouse's behavior and attitude towards you changed? You've been told it's all in your imagination. Well, is it or isn't it? Don't you owe it to yourself to get peace of mind and know the truth

You May Be Asking Can I afford a Private Investigator?

The correct question to ask is: "How much does it hurt not knowing the truth?" We are very "cost effective." You pay for the expert knowledge, skills and resources of an experienced investigator. We also offer flat rates and a variety case plans that can fit into your budget.

How do I find a good Investigator?

You've found one! But if you don't use us, always use a licensed and insured investigator or agency. Two states, California and New York, have what are considered the highest standards for Private Investigators. We are licensed  and bonded and can perform our duties in all 50 states and many countries.

Call Us at 1-718-607-5825 to set up a Free Initial Consultation

The first interview is with one of our Case Directors. We listen to your explanation of the problem and then advise you if your situation would benefit from an investigation.

If your case merits an investigation, the Case Director will give you an approximation of the cost, how much retainer will be necessary for work to start, and a realistic estimate as to the results that can be obtained. Every case is different. The retainer amount will vary with the complexity and estimated work involved in the case. The typical "retainer" amount will range from $800 to $30,000.

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